How to hug a guy

A simple hug has the power to lift your mood, transform your day and make you feel great. However, a hug may be confusing if you're not sure how the hugger feels about you. If a man you have a crush on hugs you, you may read too much into it because you hope he feels the same way. Perhaps you are concerned that a married man is hugging you in a way that implies more than friendship. Everybody hugs in their own way, but some basic points will help you decode a man's hug and know where you stand.

A basic, friendly hug with no romantic intentions will be warm but brief.

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A man may place his arms around your body, draw you toward him and hold you in that position for a couple of seconds, keeping his lower body away from yours. A longer embrace doesn't necessarily indicate that a hug is anything more than platonic. It depends on the circumstances of the hug. For example, a man who hasn't seen you for a long time, or who is seeing you under difficult circumstances, such as a bereavement, may hold the hug for several seconds.

If a man pats your back while hugging you, this is a good sign that he has no romantic feelings toward you, says the "Cosmopolitan" article, "Hidden Secrets His Hug Reveals. The differences between a platonic hug and a romantic hug may be subtle.

His embrace may be tighter than it would be in a friendly hug, and he may press his lower body against yours for a little added chemistry. When a man desires you, the way he hugs you should leave no doubt in your mind of his intentions.

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He will pull you close, until there is no space at all between your bodies. His hands may trail the length of your back until they are resting on your buttocks. According to "Cosmopolitan," the farther down your body his hands rest, the more passionate he is feeling.

However, this hug isn't always only about physical intimacy.

how to hug a guy

If a man leans his head forward to rest his forehead against yours while he is hugging you, he is looking for an emotional connection too, body language expert Patti Woods tells "Cosmopolitan. A man who rubs your back in a comforting way while he is hugging you may be saying more than "I'm here for you.

how to hug a guy

If he doesn't feel able to communicate his needs through words, he may try to convey them via his hug. Giles is a writer with an MA Hons in English literature and a post-graduate diploma in law. Her work has been published in several publications, both online and offline, including "The Herald," "The Big Issue" and "Daily Record. By: C. About the Author.Men and women do a lot of different things with each other to show how much they care.

One of those things, among many others, is touching. Touching is one of the most intimate things that you can do with someone else. Especially when showing them just how much you love, appreciate and care about them. One of the ways that humans touch each other to show those types of things is by hugging one another.

how to hug a guy

Hugs are one of the most affectionate things we do to show emotion. Friends hug, family hugs and lovers hug. We hug our kids goodnight to show that we love them and we also hug someone when they are feeling distressed to calm them down. We hug when we are excited about something, to show our support.

There are many different reasons for hugging and there are many different types of hugs that we give to each other. So when it comes down to it we can be a little uncertain of how to hug someone in each and every situation. Especially if that someone is a guy that we might just have a few feelings for. This is where it gets confusing.

How do we hug the guy we like and how do we a hug a guy that we do not feel anything for? We might find ourselves confused when it comes down to figuring out which hug is appropriate for which situation. What hugs give away too much and what hugs are too conservative? This is exactly why we are here. To help you figure out exactly how to hug a guy! Hugging a guy you like can be a tricky situation.

Especially if you are not sure how he feels about you at this point! Instead you want to keep things pretty subtle. It is also important to consider why you are giving him a hug. What is the situation that calls for a hug? Are you hugging him for a reason or are you hugging him with no intention?I'm Tatiana and am a firm believer in the power of holistic healing and home remedies! Apple cider vinegar for the win! Here's a secret that most guys don't want to let you know Even the ones that act all big and tough on the outside, are secretly hoping for a hug from their favorite girl!

If there is a guy you like, there's no better way to get closer to them than with a friendly hug! In high school, I had a crush on a guy who was super extroverted, unlike me.

I mustered up the courage to talk to him and we became friends, and yes, I even managed to give him a hug! Those hugs were the highlight of my day!

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For outgoing people, giving a hug is no big deal. But, when you're an introvert like I am, giving a hug can be an anxiety-producing, stress-inducing, all around awkward experience, best left to 'if I have to' situations.

That's why I wrote this article! Interacting with others can be scary, but hugging someone, especially someone you really like, it downright terrifying! Learning how to hug will help you get over that fear! So whether it's an uncle you haven't seen in years, or a your crush at school, knowing when and how to hug a guy will help you handle those close interactions with grace!

Hugging family members is the easiest way to break out of your shell and learn how to hug! When it comes to family, hugs are almost always welcomed! Hugging Dad is no chore at all! If you haven't seen him in a while, give him a big squeeze with both arms, wherever you can most comfortably reach around.

If you're just saying "See you later", a quick one-armed side-by-side hug is a good default for a fast "Love ya" sort of hug! Grandpas might be on the older side, but they still like a loving, tight hug!

Go in with both arms and a big kiss on the cheek, squeeze him tight for a moment and be sure to tell him how much you love him! Brothers are difficult folks to get along with sometimes, but no one will come to your defense quite like a brother! Your brothers should get a very nice, quick hug that says "I may not always like you, but you're my brother and I'll always love you! Sisters can hold onto their brother a little longer, while a brother-to-brother hug should be a bit quicker perhaps with a pat on the back.

Not just for uncles, but for any creepy relative! After all, they are family, even if they're a little weird! When you finally decide to hug your crush, there's two different styles to choose from, but you have to decide which is the right option for you. Hugging a boyfriend is easy peasy, since you've already probably hugged him numerous times!An abundance of research has shown that skin-to-skin contact between a mother and newborn yields important physical and psychological benefits.

So it makes total sense that each type of hug can reveal a lot about the relationship between the two huggers. This exclusive look at hugs is extremely revealing. In fact, when I started paying attention to how I was hugging others, I was shocked by how accurate this was! The Protector is a hug that is all about a sense of security. This position shows a large amount of trust in the relationship and shows that taking care of one another is very important.

The Back Stroke is a hug that is all about reassurance. This position is all about openness and vulnerability with one another. The Pat is a hug that is all about friendship and camaraderie. Each person literally gives the other a pat on the back as a signal of comfort. This position is not about romance or even closeness. The Slow Dance is all about romance, romance, and more romance. This hug is typical for young love or early love.

The Reach Around is about two people who are truly partners in crime. This hug is all about two people that are better off attached at the hip than attached romantically. In this hug, both people intertwine themselves as tightly as they possibly can, squeezing out every last drop of air separating them. This position is about deep commitment and not wanting to be apart. By wrapping each other up in this way, you fear that letting the other person out of your embrace will somehow mean they will leave.

The Flying Hug is a hug that is all about passion and lust.

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Whether or not you also have a deeper connection, this position reveals that you constantly lust after one another physically. The London Bridge is a hug that is all about keeping as much distance from one another as possible. Each person hugs with their upper body, while keeping their lower body quite far apart. This position shows a large amount of disagreement or uncomfortability in the relationship. With a hug like this, you show that neither of you actually wants to be close to the other person.

Some people are just not meant to be more than acquaintances. The Eye-to-Eye is a hug that is all about the connection of the soul. Whatever form this hug may take, maintaining eye contact is of the utmost importance.

This position is about deep love and personal kinship. Your connection is strong and likely unshakeable. The Rag Doll is a hug that is all about a one-way-street relationship. This position shows a deep unbalance between the way you feel for each other. No matter how hard one person tries to make this relationship work, it really is impossible without some kind of reciprocation.

The Pickpocket is a hug that is all about comfort and ease.Do you throw your arms around his neck? Criss-cross arms? Both arms beneath his? How long does the hug last? Is it a tight hug? Share Facebook. Ladies, you're about to hug a guy you really like. How do you do it? Add Opinion. There are a few different hugs I use depending on my relationship with who I'm hugging.

how to hug a guy

These are three of the most common hugs I use with guys. If my arms are thrown around his neck, it's usually but not always tight and doesn't last long at all.

This is meant for friends or someone I'm excited to see because it is very quick so we can get to the talking. If my arms are unders his and around his waist, it's usually very tight and lasts longer. This is my favorite hug! If my arms are placed around his neck, it's usually but not always starts looser but pulls closer and lasts longer.

This is reserved for boyfriends because it becomes more personal. It's what I kinda refer to as the "come here and kiss me" hug because I pull to guy close and it lasts long enough for some kissing before we break apart.

How to Hug a Guy

The main difference between hugs 1 and 3 is how my arms are. With hug 1, it's a lot more casual and my arms are usually resting on his shoulders. With hug 3, it's a lot more like a romantic gesture and my hands are joined just behind his neck. She would probably edge away, instead of going into a hug.

For me, I would usually aim for the neck since it would allow the guy to hold my waist so i would feel protected and loved. For me, if it is a guy I like, I would usually not hold it for more than five seconds unlike guy friends who I would usually hold for about seconds.

That is the reason because I am not as confident as most girls but I am not overly shy. Like I said, it depends on who the girl is and how comfortable she is around you and how she thinks you will react to her hugs.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

We will get through this together.

How To Hug A Guy

Updated: February 6, Reader-Approved References. A good hug should not be scientific, difficult, or intimidating. All a good hug requires is genuine desire to hold someone. Guys are not looking for special moves or techniques, they just want you to commit to the hug.

You don't have to be sexual, coy, or unique, you just have to wrap your arms around him and hold on for a few seconds. Not necessarily! If you're really discombobulated, you can break off the hug to reposition yourself. In most cases, though, you should be fine without losing contact.

Choose another answer! You don't need to totally pull away in order to fix your hug. Just shift your arms and body until both you and your guy are in a comfortable position. Read on for another quiz question. Hugs should be enjoyable for both you and your guy. If you're in an uncomfortable position, change it. Don't just resign yourself to a bad hug.

Guess again! If you exhale into the hug and back off when you're done, you'll end up with a hug that lasts two or three seconds.

And you won't feel as stiff as you would if you were intentionally counting out the seconds. Three seconds is a good duration for a casual hug. However, if you're concentrating on how long the hug should last, you're going to give him a stiff, awkward hug rather than a warm and friendly one.

Try another answer Side hugs are very informal, but giving one doesn't mean that you don't have to worry about duration. Side hugs that last too long are even more awkward than regular hugs that last too long. What should you do if you get stuck in the awkward middle ground between a hug and a handshake?

He may shake hands, but he may step forward for a hug or back off altogether.

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Pick another answer! If one of you tried for a handshake and the other tried for a hug, it's hard to convert that into a full hug. Someone's arms will be in the wrong position, and are likely to get stuck between your bodies if you hug. A one-handed hug is good in this situation because it neither requires a response from the guy nor traps him too tightly.

Just wrap one of your arms around his back but leave the other side open. To know if a guy wants to hug you romantically, watch for his hands and arms to move outwards, opening up his chest, which indicates he want a hug. Then, wrap your arms around him, with one hand resting on his lower back and the other arm around his neck. When your arms are wrapped around him, press your body into his to make the hug more intimate. Alternatively, if you want to give someone a hug as a friend, wrap your arms firmly around his body, and give him a gentle squeeze.

After 2 or 3 seconds, release the hug and step back. For tips on how to turn a hug into a handshake, read on!A hug is the loveliest feeling one can ever have with doing nothing.

Embracing additionally tends to expel weight and make a man can rest easy. The way you cherish it when your embraces you same way he will love it also if you will embrace your person or embrace any person.

In the event that you need to demonstrate your person that you cherish him or need to make your person feel adored then no signal can be superior to embracing a person. To embrace a person decide your association with the person in the event that he is your companion then you ought to be somewhat cautious while embracing him.

Read on to know how to hug a guy. Embracing is an awesome minute and it can give extraordinary joy when you embrace anybody. Embracing is a procedure which begins with eyes. To embrace somebody look profound at him and make the otherworldly minute.

It will help you to conquer the wavering and will likewise give the person flag that you are prepared for an embrace. A grin is the best signal to make anybody feel invited and to seem well disposed.

Grin can likewise make the environment lighter and go about as an impetus in making the state of mind to embrace. Your grin will make you seem benevolent and the kid whom you need to embrace will likewise have a craving for embracing you. Commonly young men need to embrace but since of your response they tend to dread to do the activity. Grin can make you seem well disposed and may help him to start the embrace.

Breaking the touch obstruction is imperative to embrace a person. In the event that you need to embrace a person first make some physical touch. You can touch his hand to sit near him to make the embracing procedure less demanding. To make a person you or to embrace a person first you must be sufficiently agreeable with him to get settled you have to get over the touch hindrance.

While talking you can put your hand on his shoulder to make him feel that you are not that modest and he can consider embracing you. Put your arms around the person to make him OK with you.

You can embrace a person once you both get enough alright with each other put your arms around him to make him feel good. Putting your arm around him will make him feel that you both are sufficiently close to start an embrace.

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